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Six Reason why you are not making money online.

Have you ever asked yourself why others are making it and you are not making it?
Have ever asked yourself that can i make it online without being scammed?
Firstly making money online is one of the hardest things for those who believe all online business are scam the bitter truth is that online business are meant for the smart ones, i will explain why, it is because in affiliate platform without being smart you cant get referrals and earn more,never!!!!!. To be successful online you have to be smart
Secondly, making money will be hard for you when you practice free online business, meaning doing business with no start up fee, with my experience i can confidently tell you that 97% of no start up fee business are fake , you only earn in dollars and never cashed out for once, the bitter truth is that ,you can never be successful online nothing good comes for free.

You are not making money online because you want quick money, everything in this life start from somewhere meaning you don’t have to rush to get quick money because when you do so you see yourself ending up scammed by people e.g ponzi scammers whereby they will tell you to use 10k to get 20k, never and never participate on ponzi scheme even if it was told that you use money to get money ,never get involved in it.

You are not making money online because you get fed up in every business you do. If you are viewing this ,I will advise you not to get fed up on any legit online business you are doing because without being patient ,online business will be hard and you will see yourself moving from one business to another.

You are into many business,though it is good to expand your source of  income and investment but too much of it won’t make you concentrate very well and know which one to concentrate well on!! If you are into affiliate platform like nnu,bank alert,netboss,etc you should be nothing more than 3 or maximum 5.

If you are into affiliate platform and you don’t know how to refer ,you won’t and will never make money from them, I bet you. You can also get the eBook on how to get referrals easily



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