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How i started making money online 2018

Making money online was known to be one of my hardest thing ever then, will be telling you few of my experience and how I started making online 2018.If you are going through this post kindly read this vital experience to the end.

My name is Femi Okunola,an ex student of Zion place international school,  it all started at school back in 2016 and I am the type of person that love making money online but I don’t know the legit ones then, I decided to search online on how to make money online free, I saw more than 5ones and decided to sign up on Empowr and started making $ to my dashboard but never withdrawn it bank account though I haven’t gotten a bank account then, I had a sleepless night just to make money with Empowr but never knew it was fake, I reached the threshold and I noticed I can’t withdraw it to bank account, Check the image below 

Unfortunately, I never knew I was doing something that will never pay me, I decided to search for other ones, all.I was doing then never succeeded on then.One day I was going through a group on Facebook saw an advert saying use 5k to get 10k, 10k to get 20k, 20k to get 40k etc wow!! In my point of view I saw this as a great business for me to do, I decided to inbox the person on WhatsApp and he added me to his group which was names PH TO GH meaning provide help to get help, meaning for you to be eligible you will provide help by paying a person and you get help when some set of people pay to your account, the group was lively and many people participated but I never knew it was a ponzi scheme.At that time I don’t have the 5k to start, I decided to use all my savings which Is 3400 which I saved for more than a months, I had to borrow money from my mum and friends to make up the 5000, fortunately and unfortunately I got the money I participated and I was assigned to pay to a person which I was merged to, after I successfully paid and the payment was confirmed, I got removed from the group and also blocked by the admin, That day was a bad day to me.

As at 2018 January, I met Taofeek adeyanju on a Facebook group, he was advertising an online business that pay for login ,reading of news and sharing of post on Facebook and I really got interested in the business because I saw some payment proves which really made me get interested, I messaged him and gives me all necessary details and how it works but remember I don’t have a bank account and I was still owing the people I borrowed money from, Taofeek convinced me to join because he promised me I will never regret it and he told me to open a bank account for me to receive my payment, I did all that in a week, you know this our Nigeria bank makes it stressful when opening of bank account, after that I borrowed another money which was 1600 to registered, I registered  successfully and I referred three of my friends which was 3000 bonus for me .including login and sharing of post bonus which I made 2400 from and all together, 5400. To cut it short fortunately I got paid on 27th and I paid all my debt and since then I starred working harder to make more money ,my first and second payment was 5k and 10k respectively

Note: The name of the business is called NNU INCOME PROGRAM which happens to be the first online business I made real money from.

Due to my experience, I never join ponzi again and I noticed that free start up online business don’t pays E.g Empowr, cash money etc. I was happy am making money online, I met an advert on wakanda 4months after and I joined and made my first 18500 from it, Together with some money I bought a new phone and joined into many business which is

Bank alert income program which I already made more than 50,000 from within 3weeks

Quickkhashout income program

Netboss income program

Khashflow income program Etc


If you are inspired and you want to connect with me freely and teach you how to get started or learn some other things .kindly message me on WhatsApp 08131389378




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